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Hydrant Meter Consent Application

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    Applicant agrees to the following stipulations when requesting placement of a hydrant meter:

        Applicant is responsible for any/ all damages to the meter or hydrant, including from freezing.

        Applicant is responsible for all fittings and accessories, including but not limited to pad locks and hose adapters. A fee for any missing or damaged items may be assessed. 

        If there is no usage reported by the meter within a one (1) month period, the meter will be removed by City staff.

        The use of a garden hose with the meter equipment is prohibited and will void the service agreement, resulting in removal of the meter by City staff. The meter is equipped to accommodate a 2 1/2” fire hose ONLY.

        No party other than City staff are authorized to operate City owned hydrants.

    Submission of this application does not guarantee service. Please, allow adequate time for evaluation of application and placement of meter. Contact the Field Services Manager for assistance at 406-657-8331.

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