Shiloh Conservation Area

OverviewSCA Area Map

Stormwater runoff is a significant source of water pollution on Billings west end as it transitions from agriculture to residential and commercial development. Urban development increases runoff and flushed pollutants in to the storm drain system.  

The 66-acre Shiloh Conservation Area was constructed as a stormwater control and treatment complex located at the confluence of Shiloh Drain, an old agricultural drain ditch that is now functioning as a storm drain outfall, and Hogan’s Slough, a natural waterway that is also a primary drainage for the Billings west end.

A Community Resource

The Shiloh Conservation Area Balances the objectives of water quality improvement and flood control, while also providing recreational and educational benefits to the community.  The site consists of sedimentation, treatment wetland cells, wet detention ponds with wetland fringe area, and a third pond at the end of the treatment chain that is stocked by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks providing an urban fishery.  There is a 2 mile system of trails that runs throughout the Shiloh Conservation Area. The trail system includes a shelter at the fishing pond, a series of interpretive signs, and viewing platforms that connect directly to the Billings Heritage Trail Network.SCA_520220527_203605-01