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Payment Options

One-time payments for Engineering Services, Sewer Account, Garbage Account & Landfill Services, please select InvoiceCloud, water customers login or register with WaterSmart.Cloud Logo

To request recurring payments or paperless billing services, call (406) 657-8315, water customers login or register at WaterSmart.  


City of Billings Water Utility Service Customers

Want a little more? Login or register with WaterSmart for payment options and additional online services, such as usage or leak alerts, cost savings tips and so much more! watersmart-logo-reversed-on-blue


Public Work’s WaterSmart software provides daily account information. Through this secure site you can view billing history, payment activity, service and consumption summaries. 

  • Payment history - View both applied and scheduled payments and current billing information.
  • Account information - Displays current balance, last payment made, and usage and conservation information.
  • Billing history - View your past bills including bill date, due date, balance forward, payments, and current charge detail. Past bills can be easily viewed and printed.
  • Service summary - View number of days in billing period, average daily water consumption, and total amount used in billing period.
  • Online payments - We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard ad E-check.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only given for customer accounts that have been closed and have a credit balance. If you have another water/sewer service account, the balance will be transferred to that account. If you have questions, please call (406) 657-8315.