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  1. Important COVID-19 Response Information

    The Public Works Department is working to ensure that essential services are not disrupted during the current mandated protocols. It is our goal to protect the safety of the public and our staff and we are following recommended practices. 

    Please, view the Public Service announcements displayed on the left and remember not to flush items other than toilet paper. For printable information on this topic click HERE.

    We understand that the declared State of Emergency for the COVID-19 Coronavirus and related mandated actions may affect your ability to stay current on your bill, and we are ready to assist with expanded payment plan options. Give us a call to make any necessary arrangements at (406) 657-8315 if you have been impacted by these events. Visit our Payments and Utility Account Services page for more information on payments.

    Your water is on! We want you to know that the Water Treatment Plant is maintained to the highest standards and your water is safe, clean and is disinfected to meet all applicable standards and regulations. Our water supply is regularly tested for quality throughout the treatment and distribution system. Check out our annual Water Quality and Consumer Confidence Report, this report provides a full list of ingredients for your drinking water.

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